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Dear guest, first of all, I congratulate you for this step you have taken to discover the world.

Our website is the world’s most comprehensive web organization network that brings together art, sports and cultural activities in different geographies of the world and enables people to participate easily and at affordable prices.

We brought international organizations, competitions, tournaments, festivals and camp programs to online sales by breaking new ground in the world. All of the events taking place at international level have turned into intercultural activities with the coming together of different nations. Our company, with its long years of organization experience, is an organization that offers you different perspectives, enables the development of our children and young participants, enables sharing of the global world in different geographies and aims to make international world organizations accessible in a fast and easy way.
Our company accomplishes an extraordinary job of this scale and puts into practice the registration, participation and official invitation processes of all these organizations mentioned above.

Wasc Organization is in cooperation with all the organization representatives on the website.


To be the World’s Only “Organization Search Engine”


To ensure that the arts, sports and cultural organizations that contribute to peace in different geographies of the world, regardless of language, religion, race, and ethnicity, become accessible to every person in a fast, easy and economical way.