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Certificate of participation

  • Participants are given a “Participation Certificate” throughout the organizations. The certificates are signed by the committees or official institutions of the organizations you attend. You can use the certificate of participation at certain points in your business life.








  • The guide service varies according to the organization. Guide information is included in the content part of the organization you will choose.




  • There are accommodation options for each organization you have chosen. Accommodation details are included in the general information section of the organization. However, in some cases, accommodation information is shared later according to participation rates. It is generally not possible for participating teams to have their own accommodation other than the provided accommodation. For accommodation and other questions, you can check the FAQ section.



  • Morning breakfasts will be held in the places you will stay.
  • Lunch varies according to the organization.
  • Dinner varies according to the organization.


  • Airport transfers (airport – hotel) and intermediate transfers are provided by the organizing committees for an extra fee. However, some organizations do not charge extra fees for transfers. Transfer information is included in the “Included / Not Included” section.


  • Organization awards vary according to the event you choose. The awards in tournaments are usually cups, medals and certificates. In festival organizations, awards are determined by the committee. However, some organizations also give money and product gifts.


Opening – Closing Ceremonies

  • Opening and closing ceremonies are held throughout tournament and festival organizations. The content of the ceremonies varies according to the organization.


Activity and free travel

  • Some organizations include free events such as aqua park, concerts and special shows. If these events occur, information will be provided in the general information section. Free trips are yours. In cases where you inform us about your request for intermediate transfer (minibus, bus) on free trips, our company can support you in this regard.